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The Library of Catholic Thought, part of Theology and Religion Online, presents essential resources for studying the development of Catholic thought and theology. The core collection introduces students to Catholic biblical interpretation, to key figures in the history of Catholic thought and to majors doctrines, themes, and events. The resource also features works on the interaction between Catholicism and modern science, and on the history of Catholic moral theology. Introductory volumes on the development of Catholic theology by leading figures such as Tracey Rowland and Aidan Nichols provide students with coverage of every aspect of Catholic theology, linked to a rich array of reference and research materials to go further into the debates and topics covered.

A key element of the Library is the new fully revised third edition of the Jerome Biblical Commentary. This 2 million-word project by leading Catholic biblical scholars features a preface by Pope Francis and is digitally exclusive to the LOCT. In addition to the biblical commentaries themselves, which are linked to a digital edition of the New American Bible, topical articles cover such themes as social justice, ethics, the bible in the life of the Church and the bible in diverse contexts.

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  • The fully revised third edition of the Jerome Biblical Commentary linked with the full text of the New American Bible
  • Handbooks and reference works on key aspects of Catholicism, including Canon Law, Liturgy, and Social Doctrine
  • eBook titles including key works on Catholic theology, guides to the history of Catholic thought and its key figures, and studies of the intersection between the Church and modern society (including historical appraisals of Vatican II)
  • An image gallery of Catholic material culture from the First Millennium CE to the present day, sourced from the Metropolitan Museum of Art


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