Help: Content

What content is available in Theology and Religion Online?
Theology and Religion Online is the digital home to a growing range of resources with content covering Theology, Biblical Studies, and Religious Studies. The T&T Clark Theology Library is the first resource to launch on the platform, and will be followed by the T&T Clark Jesus Library in 2020 and an ongoing programme of additional Religious and Biblical Studies products.

Is the content included in Theology and Religion Online available online anywhere else?
A significant amount of the content is exclusive to Theology and Religion Online, including multiple major reference works and a wealth of specially commissioned articles. A limited number of eBooks found in the resource are available on other Bloomsbury digital products, including Bloomsbury Collections

All eBooks found in the database are fully-indexed exclusively for the resource, and can be cross-searched with other related content.

Will the resource be updated?
Yes, new and revised content will be added to each of the resources within Theology and Religion Online in regular updates to ensure the platform reflects the latest theological developments and cutting-edge scholarship. 

Who is the resource for?
Theology and Religion Online is an invaluable resource for students, scholars and researchers studying across Theology, Biblical Studies and Religious Studies. Key topics currently covered include Christian doctrines, major theologians and 20th century theology. In 2020 and beyond the platform will include products focussing on Jesus, Catholic thought, religions in North America, church history and many other topics.