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The Bible and Western Christian Literature is a 1.5 million word resource providing researchers with an authoritative resource on the impact and influence of the Bible upon the development of literature by charting this relationship from the classical period to the modern day. With international contributions to reflect the biblical text itself, this work considers the broader geographical, philosophical, and theological factors to consider as part of the Bible's role in culture and society. Explore details of the work below and get in touch to line up your free trial.

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The five sections cover: The Late Classical and Medieval Periods, The Renaissance and Reformation Periods, Enlightenment to Romanticism, The Nineteenth Century, and The Modern Period.

Each section is edited by a leading specialist in the period, and begins with a set of introductory materials including a chapter on how the biblical text is mediated in the given period. Ten thematic essays follow to introduce the key thinkers, works, events and themes of the period. Extracts from primary materials are presented with specialist commentary showing how these texts interact with the Bible itself.