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T&T Clark Theology Library, part of Theology and Religion Online, offers students and scholars of theology core theological content via primary texts and supporting articles.  An imprint of Bloomsbury, T&T Clark has been publishing cutting-edge books in biblical studies since 1821 and brings authoritative and systematic scholarship to this comprehensive resource.

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Digitally Exclusive Introductory Articles

Brand new introductory articles commissioned exclusively for T&T Clark Theology Library, written by key academics. These articles are comprehensive overviews of the theologians featured on the platform, and introduce the doctrines, their relevance for study today, and their importance for our understanding of theology. 3 are available now and 5 will be added in Summer 2020. Explore the introductory articles:

Introduction to Thomas Torrance by Professor Paul D. Molnar, Professor of Systematic Theology at St. John’s University, NY.
Introduction to John Webster by Dr. Michael Allen, John Dyer Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando.
Introduction to Colin Gunton by Terry J. Wright, Associate Research Fellow at Spurgeon’s College, London.

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Primary Texts by Major Theologians

74 classic texts from Karl Barth, Thomas F. Torrance, John Webster and Colin Gunton that shaped theology in the 20th century. These texts offer detailed examination of a wide number of doctrines, such as the Trinity, Atonement, Creation, Pneumatology, and Creation. 29 further titles will be added in Summer 2020.

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Primary Texts and Articles

29 further digitised primary texts written by leading theologians, Eberhard Jüngel, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Karl Rahner, and Wolfhart Pannenberg. Their texts will be accompanied by an exclusive introductory article on each of these theologians.

Interactive Timeline

Underpinning every product within Theology and Religion Online, the timeline will present essential broader context for research as well as key information on Theology and Theologians specific to the resource.

Bibliographic Guides

These guides will provide authoritative overviews of all the key readings on major topics.